5 Reasons Why You Should Never Build Your Own Website

I see so many small businesses take advantage of build your own website platforms and it makes sense, it’s free and easy. You can design something yourself, cater to your own visual standards and within hours you are set up with a website. But are these websites effective? Depending on your goals a homemade website may hinder you rather than help you.


Creating a successful and user friendly website is an intricate process. Having a strategic layout will provide the best usability for your clients and leave a positive impression for your brand. Content must be simple, to the point and informative. Pictures must be clear, professional and represent your brand. Not only this, but trends are continuously changing and creating a website that looks comparable with your competitors would be difficult and time consuming. Don’t invest hours of your time researching web design trends when you could be working on your own profitable projects!


You will often encounter several different hidden costs when building your own website. If you want to register your domain? Add extra features? You guessed it! You’ll have to pay a monthly cost. So is this option cost effective in the long run? Keep in mind that you will fully own a website upon completion when you go to a honest, reputable web design company.


Alright, so you want to gain more sales and become a significant leader in your field? Creating your own website will skip over proper search engine optimization strategies. This includes keywords, meta tags, keyword rich content or Google analytics, they also do not cover PPC or any sort of paid advertising that would help bring you more clients. Your Google ranking is essential to building your business, the internet is such a lucrative opportunity if you take advantage of it.


Whilst the thought of having your website built within 24 hours has it’s appeal, the truth is a quality website takes time to create. The cost of a website may be daunting to a new business owner but it is the best investment you can make. So many people all over the world use the internet and the number is steadily increasing, you could be missing out on a large amount of potential clients lurking around on the web. Also, one of the many benefits of investing into a website with a reputable company is that you will always have the support you need if something goes wrong. You will always have access to the experts who can consistently boost your SEO and improve your ranking. You can also receive help with blogging, newsletters, social media marketing, and many other beneficial services.


Don’t be surprised if you receive little to no customer support when building your own website. Website support is usually not included within their pricing therefore when you encounter a problem and need help there is often a fee associated. Also, if you have any sort of issue with your website and need that help you may also be communication with a call center with long wait times.


So why invest in a quality website? You will encounter numerous benefits such as a user friendly interface, proper SEO strategies, the support you need, and a cost effective system that will allow you the time to work on your own lucrative projects. Don’t waste your time working on something that won’t provide you the best possible outcome for your business – time is money. Here at Siva Creative, we want to see your business grow and succeed online. Want to learn more? Contact us right now and we can get you started!

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