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JT Powersports

Located in the town of New Lowell, Ontario, the people at JT Powersports are a group of passionate power sport enthusiasts who provide the best services to their clients. They offer a range of products and services to keep your sled or ATV on the trails. Their shop also has some of the best snowmobile mechanics around, and they take pride in their work.

MLM Marinas

MLM Marinas has various deep water harbours where boaters can explore endless anchorages and spectacular scenery mere moments away. Explore Bay Port Yachting Centre, Beacon

Astrology Network

Bringing forecasters and pundits together to discuss zodiacal impacts around the globe; the effects on private citizens and its governmental and country influences.

The Prosperity Tree

Who is Andari? I am both intuitive and impressionable while also being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. I am here to guide you through your spiritual quest to become more connected with yourself. I am an Adept Priestess, a proud member of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education and your new spiritual guide.

Art Karma

Art is an essential part of our lives, whether it’s visual, performing or healing. There’s artistry in connecting with a person not only through art but through Art Karma’s practice, whether it’s acupuncture or physiotherapy. With the balance of Eastern and Western approaches to healing, Art Karma aspire’s to help her clients achieve the best outcome that is personalized to their needs.

Beauty and Babes

Beauty and Babes purpose in life goes much deeper then great hair, its about changing the social stigmas that plague everyday. Spreading the idea in fact that it is “cool to be kind”. They operate a strict no judgement policy & their clients come from every walk of life. 

Wasaga Marine

They’re a family who share a common love for being on the ocean and want to share their passion and knowledge with everyone. They grew up on these waters and naturally became Boat Lovers. They love the water and appreciate their clients. Wasaga Marine offers excellent customer service and professional expertise that you can rely on.


Here at Übertüb, we didn’t just reinvent the classic rubber inner tube. We created a lifestyle, a lifestyle of adventure, a lifestyle of no limits. All. Year. Round. We are Übertüb.

The Painters Daughter

The Painter’s Daughter is truly a family-run business. With their journey beginning under the watchful eye of their father; a skilled painter for over 30 years, Jenna and Elizabeth founded The Painter’s Daughter in 2013. They recognized a niche in the market that was seeking to connect with more women in the trades. 

WYE Heritage

Wye Heritage Marina can accommodate 700 watercrafts, and has dockage to suit all needs, including 80% drive to slips. Wye Heritage’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will welcome you to their marine chandlery, service and parts departments.