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Physiotherapy Shop

Do you have issues waking up in the morning? Want more than just visits to the chiropractor? Do you suffer back problems when you travel?


Naturalene is a skin care line, focused on making your daily routine simple and keeps your skin fresh and your face clean. All of their

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly Blacksmithing is a family-run business serving southern and central Ontario. They believe in keeping this historic trade alive; and enjoy creating works of

Fit Cricket

If you are looking for a sustainable, ethical and highly nutritious source of protein – look no further! Fit Cricket is unlike any protein bar on the market, they have crafted a bar that isn’t weighed down by fillers or refined sugar. In fact, the second ingredient in all bars will always be cricket protein.


Here at Übertüb, we didn’t just reinvent the classic rubber inner tube. We created a lifestyle, a lifestyle of adventure, a lifestyle of no limits. All. Year. Round. We are Übertüb.