Boost Your Skilled Trade With a Skilled Website.

Do you own a business within the trades? A common trend within the skilled trades is having a positive word of mouth that will bring in referrals. Jane said you did a great job fixing that busted pipe in her basement, so of course Jane is going to tell Lucy down the street about you when her son flushes the remote down the toilet. But what happens when you want more than just referrals? What if you want to grow larger than the immediate circle of clients you’ve had previously? A website is your answer.

Having a website is essential if you would like to grow your business. Creating a website that has only the best Search Engine Optimization practices, all your contact info and examples of your amazing previous work can lure in a multitude of sales. A website catered to the trades should have very clear call to actions and every opportunity to contact you further, whether that be showcasing your phone number in bold letters or creating a forum to inquiry about obtaining quote. It should also include a photo gallery with multiple different high resolution photos of the amazing work that you produce, this will instill a sense of trust within potential clients. Another way to instill a trust worthy approach is to include pictures of yourself and your team or include a detailed paragraph or so explaining your history within the company. When you make an emotional connection with people it becomes easier for them to make that transaction with you.

Perhaps you sell items online? Are you a carpenter or wood working professional? Having an eCommerce website is a great way to take the hassle out of your business. Or even a section that showcases the resources and products that you use frequently, this will help build credibility. Many companies will also include useful FAQ’s that will help take away the guest work of on boarding new clients, do you feel like you are always answering the same questions? This will also show that you know exactly what you are talking about, you are the expert!

Testimonials are also essential to any website pertaining to the trades, you need to have these positive reviews on your website. Ask your clients to provide you with a short excerpt about your amazing customer service and awesome craftsmanship, you need to create trust to break the old buying habits of future clients.  

Having a solid and consistent branding scheme will help more than you think. Would you rather invest in a company that has no logo, no website and a $20 van decal? As a self proclaimed millennial I don’t think I would, unless they have amazing word of mouth referrals. You must keep in mind that as my art obsessed generation grows older we are starting to buy houses with lawns, air conditioning units and roofs. We value branding and we see it as a company that is serious about the work that they produce. If someone’s branding makes a connection with me or makes me laugh, I would be more apt to contact them and pursue their services.

But wait, not every single profession within the trades could possibly benefit from having a website! There’s no way! Oh but quite the contrary, it’s very true. Whether you are a small business providing electrical services or a large company providing large scale construction services, a website is essential.  You can also use your website to hire potential employees, fill out questionnaires for customers and showcase exclusive offers. Plumber, carpenter, landscaper, locksmith or welder – web design and development is an essential part of your business plan. Invest in the online future of your business, you will not regret it I promise.

I may be biased but I truly believe having a website is the cornerstone for any business. It is one of the most cost effective ways to reach a large audience and is a great investment that Is almost guaranteed to pay itself off. Another great way to reach a large audience is to invest time into a Digital Marketing strategy, whether that be email marketing or just good old social media. Investing into these platforms will ensure that your sales funnel is open to the largest possible audience. All of these platforms should link back to your awesome website that has LARGE IN YOUR FACE call to actions contacting you. This is the best opportunity to have the largest amount of leads possible, ensuring that your sales funnel has every possible avenue open to connection.

Are you looking for a website for your business? Or maybe you know someone who needs an improved web presence? Here at Siva Creative we are passionate about the work that we produce and we love helping our clients reach their online goals. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can help you get started.

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