At Siva Creative, we are always learning and adapting. We value thinking outside the box but understand that sometimes the box itself is more than enough.

We combine Web Development, Marketing, and Design to create something we call “magic”. At Siva Creative, we have the most talented team of strategists, leaders, educators, and creative thinkers shaking up the playing field. Everything we do has a purpose and never goes without being asked “Why?”.

So, tell us WHY you are the right fit for Siva Creative?

Junior Marketing Co-ordinator

We are currently looking for a Junior Marketer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have strong knowledge and experience with social media, digital marketing, content creation and be able to work both independently as well as in a team. They should be able to meet deadlines and have great time management skills, a friendly telephone manner for support purposes and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Design Internship

This internship provides real-world experience with the day-to-day operations of a busy web design & marketing company, while growing the skills needed to succeed in today’s graphic design & marketing industry. We’re looking for someone who has experience with the Adobe Suite but is willing to learn on the job as per the needs of our clients.

Siva Internship Program

Are you looking for your next internship placement? Siva Creative is proud to offer a wide-range of internship opportunities in various disciplines.

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