Is Your Website Design Reaching Its Creative Potential?

Have you heard? Creativity is lacking in the web design industry and you could say we need to band together to reinspire imagination.   

“Perhaps the essential question we should be asking ourselves each time we approach a new site design project is: why would we not choose to be different (E. J.  Stocks,  2017)”.

You might want to look at your website now and compare notes to see if your design is all it can be. Here are the top 5 web design trends that can innovate your website and make it everything your clients want!

  1. Scroll-jacking.

Do you know what this is? I  didn’t  until it took over the web industry. Basically scroll-jacking has replaced the scroll motion we are used to. This works by allowing pages or layering images and text boxes to snap into place seamlessly.

This not only creates a beautiful element of motion, it intuitively lets the user see all pages without have to fish around your site to find the information you wanted them to see.

See this creative example from

2. Animations

The ever evolving programming languages gives us so many chances to go above and beyond with design. JavaScript being the leading language in interactive animation coding would raise the question to why you are missing out on these awesome features. A simple example would be a loading bar to inform the user the site is almost ready for viewing. Animations can be over-used which would confuse, distract and slow down overall responsiveness of your site. When used in moderation though, animations can direct the user’s eye to follow the path of  information and create a refreshing experience.

3. Collapsed Nav on Desktop.

“No way! Collapsed navs are for mobile only!” Nope, not anymore. The clean and minimalistic look of the hamburger icon seems to be the new adapted look for desktop homepages. This three line icon is known now universally and that’s given it the chance to shine.  See below how great it really looks!

  4. Modern-Candid photos that don’t look to good to be true.

We love Instagram Filters right? So will your audience! Those too-good-to-be-true stock photos are not the most relatable content and can tend to turn off the user. The new look is photos that feel homemade but are artistically crafted. Brain Bicknell explains in his article “ 5 Web Design Trends That Will Be Even Bigger in 2018, “think photography geek’s day off”.

This content has the potential to revive the trusting relationship with the real story of your brand to your user.

Credit: Mi PHAM | Christian Koch | Brooke Lark |

5. Greater Use of Negative Space.

Card/ Tile web design is nothing new, but has come to light making any website look modern by using white space to evenly distribute space around important content. This makes for responsive, user approved websites that are easy-on-the-eyes.

See this inspiring template below.

Credit: Digest by Oliur

Finally, I know it may seem cost effect and less hassle to do this all on your own, but when your site is not responsive and the client has only 3 seconds today to be intrigued or hit the back-button to keeping searching Google, I believe with your new-found knowledge you can make sure web designers are giving you their best work.

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