Have you tried Instagram’s new quiz sticker?

What is it?

Now you can do even more with Instagram stories using the new feature called, quiz stickers.

The quiz sticker for stories allows you to write your own multiple-choice question and customize answers. Followers can respond by tapping the options provided and find out whether they got it right. Swiping up when you view your story allows you to see how many votes each option has and how each person voted.

Unlike Instagrams poll feature, the quiz sticker lets you provide more than 2 options and choose a correct answer.

How do you use the quiz sticker feature?

To use the quiz sticker feature, first snap a photo or video using the stories camera. Now you can insert the quiz sticker button and customize the options.

Then, you can name the quiz, customize your question and add at least two, or up to four answer choices. The correct answer will be highlighted green.

You can also customize the colour of the quiz using the colour wheel at the top of the post.

Now you can share your story and see your friends answers!

Once someone responds, they can see the leading answer as well as the correct answer.

Swipe up to access the viewers list and see the results of your quiz. This feature shows you how many people responded, who responded and how they answered.

How can Businesses benefit from the Quiz Sticker Feature?

This feature provides endless opportunities for businesses to interact with their followers. This tool will be essential for any businesses marketing with Instagram.

The quiz sticker can be used to engage with your audience by asking questions that educate viewers about your audience. This can be a great way to get your audience interested in your brand.


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