To support our initiative to contribute to safe businesses, schools, and organizations, Greeniche is now offering wholesale for its Health Canada Approved (NPN: 80100637) hand sanitizer!
As people transition into their ‘new normal’, equipping yourselves with the right tools to protect you, your employees, your students, and/or your loved ones should be made simple. Make sure you’re staying equipped with one of the few Health Canada Approved hand sanitizers on the market! With our wholesale hand sanitizer, you can stay sanitary anywhere at an affordable cost delivered right to your location!

Interested in buying wholesale? Contact us for exact pricing based on your order!

60ML Hand Sanitizer

Toss some 60mL bottles in all your bags and feel safe wherever you go! Not carrying a bag? They’re convenient enough to carry in your pocket ready to go when you need it. Just toss our Health Canada Approved hand sanitizer in your bags and feel confident in public!

300ML Hand Sanitizer

These 300mL bottles are great for your employees’ briefcases or your students’ backpacks! Don’t take the risk of using any sanitizer, use a Health Canada Approved product.

1L Hand Sanitizer

The 1L Health Canada approved industrial bottle is perfect for offices and schools shared spaces. Having these bottles readily available will encourage continuous use throughout the day in the areas that are the highest risk.

Please note: The minimum wholesale order for this product is 10 bottles.

4L Hand Sanitizer

The 4L bottle is excellent for all reception areas and entrances. With so many people coming through your door, it is essential that you ensure they are taking the proper precautions and providing the tools to implement them. With Health Canada Approved hand sanitizer, you can feel confident that your workplace is optimized for safety.

Please note: The minimum wholesale order for this product is 10 bottles.

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Why Is It Important To Use Health Canada Approved Hand Sanitizer?

There are NO toxic elements being used.

It has the properties that can eliminate the presence of the COVID-19 virus.

It is unlikely for its quality to deteriorate.

Our product has not and will not be recalled