6 Tips From Our Web Designer

Who better to ask some for tips than our very own designer! Jess McLaughlin can take anything ugly and make it beautiful. Whether it’s a website, social posts, ads, landing pages. You name it and she has you covered. A little nervous to be on video but she pulled through. Jess has a very genuine, sincere personality and is beyond a perfectionist who keeps us all entertained in the office with her creativity.

We asked Jess a couple of important questions when it comes to design, mainly focusing on websites. Here’s what she had to say.

1. What are some key elements to designing a website?

Designing a website is important for the user’s experience. You want people to visit your site, spend time on your site and come back to your site. If it is laid out properly using Jess’s key elements the user will have an easy time navigating your website and easily find what they are looking for.

2. Why are Call to Actions important?

What do you want your user to do on your website? Is it clearly indicated? A user should be able to easily take the action you want them to take when they get to your website.

3. What is your goal when designing a new website?

Who are you designing your website for? Are you designing it for yourself or are you designing it for your target audience? Many people forget that it is the target audience who is important when making design decisions. Yes, you may love the color puke yellow but if you are selling water, does that entice your user to buy? Keep your goals in mind and even though your website is your website, it’s not necessarily designed for you. It should convey your brand, mission, and vision so make sure all of those elements are aligned.

4. What does the design process look like?

Yes, there is a design process. You have to do your research to ensure a successful design.

5. How can you tell if a website is outdated and needs a makeover?

If you can pinch your fingers together and zoom in to see your website on a phone…you are ready for a makeover.

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